The Hills Are Alive

Who’s Missing Here????

The Hills 3rd season premiere finally happened after much anticipation and we were left kinda eh?

The season premiere “You Know What You Did”, took place with Heidi and Spenser having a housewarming party and inviting Lauren, Whitney and Audrina.  Heidi was crushed that none of them showed up and decided to write Lauren a letter.

Lauren, Audrina and Whitney all attended a friend’s birthday party at Club Deaux whom they had known three months.  Heidi and chicklet teeth arrive and the drama begins.  Heidi walks over and says “Lauren, I wrote you a letter.”

Lauren is clearly upset at being in the same vicinity as dragon lady and leaves the table to retreat to the bathroom.   Her loyal subject, Audrina, follows and goes to console her. They read the letter together and out loud for everyone to hear.  Apparently, Heidi is dumb as she looks and claims she doesn’t know what happened to them and she will always love her.

Lauren goes outside and chicklet teeth convinces dragon lady to talk to Lauren.  Heidi pushes Lauren wanted to know what she did and Lauren becomes a screaming banshee “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!” 

Lauren is of course referring to the nasty rumor that was started at the beginning of summer that Lauren and Jason made a sex tape.  Rumor is Dragon Lady and Chicket Teeth started it.

Watch the scenes for the season-Jason comes back!  


2 responses to “The Hills Are Alive

  1. Love this show. Its awesome!

  2. These chicks are hot. I dont care if the show is eh….

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