Crank Dat Soulja Boy? WTF Is That?

The latest dance sweeping the nation is all. Via youtube that is.  Everybody seems to love to video themselves dancing to the Crank dat Soulja Boy”, especially teenage boys, LOL! 

“Crank Dat” is Soulja Boy’s latest creation and there is a dance the follows along with it.

Goes a little something like this here:

Now check this out, so your bitch ass won’t be left out-LOL

DeAndre Ramone Way  better known as “Soulja Boy” hails from Atlanta (the dirty dirty) and is just 17 years old.

 Soulja Boy “Crank That”  has reached #11 on the billboard 100!

Album drops October 2, 2007 

****YO, this shit it tight YO!~****


5 responses to “Crank Dat Soulja Boy? WTF Is That?

  1. Yea.. I’d like to comment on this one because the dance AND the song are ridiculous! I’m sure a 5 year old could have made up that dance. And the song.. dont get me started:-)

  2. hahaahhaah its so stupid, these guys look like the fozzball players and i agree with Ashley, a 4 year in our country could do that dance yoo 😉

  3. ok. this song is really repetitive. i hate to say it, but music has lost its meaning. what happened to the songs with morals and stuff? songs now are just bragging. how the heck is superman a ‘ho’ like this song is gonna lead to other songs with the whole dance too. like the leaning and rocking, the lean backing, and the its goin downing. its almost like artists rip off other songs just to keep in contact with their fans or what not.

  4. um ye i agree but wtf does Soulja boy mean??

  5. The lyrics don’t make sense and the song can be simply created by a program, Fruity Loops. This video proves it all.

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