Vanessa Hudgen’s Squeaky Clean Image Is Being Tarnished!


According to several sources, there are pics of nude Vanessa floating out there in the wrong hands and could land on the internet any minute.

Vanessa reportedly took several racy pics with her camera phone intended for boyfriend Zac’s eyes only, including a picture of her wearing nothing but a gold chain around her waist.

I bet Disney is about to have a coronary over this.  To think the High School Musical Empire could come crashing down on them.

High School Musical is a Disney creation and presents itself and the actors as wholesome family entertainment.  There are already pics that were snapped of the two on vacation in Hawaii together looking really cozy.

Let’s hope these don’t appear and the person who has these are classy enough to just burn them…..

YEAH RIGHT-Cha ching is what they are thinking.  Nude pics of one of the hotest stars on the planet right now, priceless.

When will young girls stop doing stupid crap like that, never leave a trail honey!   


6 responses to “Vanessa Hudgen’s Squeaky Clean Image Is Being Tarnished!

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  2. we all have bodies and nudity is something we deal with daily in the shower…
    lighten up and give this kid a break

  3. Not for nothing, I’m a mother of a 5 yr old who adores HSM. I think everyone needs to realize, Vanessa Hudgins is not 6,7, 8,12, years old. She’s 18, not saying I want my 18 yr old doing this, but as for the whole, ditching HSM, bad mouthing the poor girl for something she did privately, is rediculous. Not to mention what kind of parents are going to show there Disney Channel watching kids these so called racey photos of her. They should be the ones being questioned! What you don’t know don’t hurt. My daughter won’t see them, so she will still love “Gabriella”. No harm fowl!

  4. yo if that really happen witch i don’t care.i dont watch high school musical so why the heck is everyone geting in her bussines just leave it alone and give the photos to zack and that next time .Vanessa needs to think it over next time before she take pics of her self.

    !!!!!!!!DO NOT INVOLVE ME IN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. uhhh hello people???? Not only is that totally gross, but it’s illegal too. Vanessa should totally face the consequences of her actions, and if it’s not true, then no harm is done. Just proves she’s honest. or some kind of sick pervert

  6. Oh gays…boring theme. Watch Diz out to understand everything about her:
    Vanessa Hudgins full

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