Well, I decided to post about Brit’s performance.  I could not beleive that she actually went on and did you see the fake tan sprayed on to make her look like her abs were defined, HA!

Brit, unless you get serious, you need to give it up. There are tons of excuses of why she  sucked so bad, but she is supposed to be a professional and she should know better than to let personal issues affect her performance.

She needs to call Justin and beg him to colaborate with her to put her back on top.  Yes, I’ve heard the leaked songs and she could have something with the club scene, but as far as performing, that is not a good idea!

Did she honestly think that she looked hot in that outfit?  Her ass is falling out on both sides and her beer belly hangs over her panties!!!! 

Come on Brit, get your shit together once and for all and for goodness sakes, wear some damn underwear and do something with your hair! 


3 responses to “Britney’s MTV VMA POORFORMANCE

  1. You call Britney Spears a professional? Hmmm…

    See, this is why the American music scene sucks. Ok, maybe except for MetallicA, Iced Earth and Type O’Negative. But come on, really.

    Let me give you a taste of what other countries have that is actually quite good:

    Band: Within Temptation
    Song: Frozen
    Origins: Dutch


    Iranian Ajax

  2. Britney needs help.

  3. this dosent even deserve a post. feel happy, i made the first one.

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