Everyone loves puppies right?

 Well, my Shihtzu just delivered a liter last Friday.

 That was the grossest thing I think I ever saw and I saw my guts laid on the table during my c-section! 


I know, I know it’s a natual thing, blah,blah, blah… Well, watching the puppies come into this world is one thing,   watching her eat the afterbirth and chew the embilical cords,  a whole different story.  It was green and everywhere.  She is a very young mother and did not know what to do at first.  I showed her the first pup and then she took over soon after.  Lucy (my dog) had a total of 4.  One didn’t make it.  So, she now has 3 and they are offically 1 one week old.  I’ll post pics later.


Well, what I didn’t know is my dog had contracted a bad bad infection and could have died.  She had pyrometra (pus filled) uterus and had to have emergency surgery.  $700 later, she’s getting back to feeling like her old self slowly.  I was a  nervous wreck the entire week thinking I was going to lose her. I should mention I already lost one dog after he had surgery to be neutered.  Also, a Shihtzu, he had a cogenital defect to where his blood didn’t clot.  He was a 1 1 /2 years old.  Lucy’s Dr. informed me that her colon was fixed to her cervix, also a congenital defect. I wonder if there is just that many health problems with shihtzu’s or just my bad luck????



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