What Up Bitches!

 My secret identity name is Stardiva.  I am Stardiva because of my love of celebrity gossip and all things evil, oh and I am a diva in my own mind! 

My vices are: I’m an addict. I’m addicted to purses, chocolate & coffee or any caffiene for that matter. I have OCD and ADD and suffer from it often when shopping, LOL! 

I am in constant mourning of the best show ever “The OC.”  I think I may have a closeted dark side too. I have a soft spot for those goth kids! 

I am a mom of 2 and married to a sports addict for almost 9 eyars now.  I will post about entertaining things, but I will also posts about things that are going on around me.  Holidays, Recipes, Sports, etc. I started this blog to express myself and have a little fun.  I also like having an alter ego too  

Thank you for checking me out and mark my blog as one of your favorites.  I will do my best at enteraining you.  I do post daily sometimes more than once.



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