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The 80’s!


Yes, I am a child of the 80’s.  I remember when President Reagan was in office and ended The Cold War.  I was in love with Rick Springfield in the 5th grade and wished I was “Jessie’s Girl.”  I even remember his movie “Affair of The Heart.”

I remember when Michael Jackson was normal and peaked at “Thriller.”  I remember when Cabbage Patch Kids Came out and mothers were fighting for them at K-mart. I remember Jellies and remember the blisters that came with them.  I even remember UNITS! There were so many ways you could wear them and there was even a Unit store in the mall.

In seventh grade, every preteen girl thought she was Madonna with the fingerless gloves and millions of jelly bracelets!  I remember Mr. Bill on Saturday Night Live and how I used to watch it every Thrusday in Science class.  Our teacher was kinda weird, LOL!

I remember big hair bands and the guys looked more like girls than the girls did.  I remember being in love with Vince Neil from Motley Crue and Bret Michaels from Poison, who have both had reality shows now on VH1, LOL!

I remember going to the skating rink on Friday nights and hanging at the mall on Saturdays.  I remember staying out all day long with the neighborhood kids during the summer.  You only had to call and check in and your mom could yell and you would pop out from someone’s yard.   

The 80’s were so much more simple than now.  Maybe because I was a kid and now I pay bills and have to a grown up.  I am raising my kids right though, they are 6 and 8 and know all the words to “Jessie’s girl” and “Don’t Stop Believing“, which is now my housecleaning music, LOL!

If you haven’t already, go rent, no go BUY “13 Going On 30.” A great movie.  I felt like I was 13 again and even was doing The Thriller Dance along with them.

Ahhh Nostalgia! 


First Day Back To School!!!!

I am an excited mama today.  Today is the kiddos first day back.  My youngest is going to first grade and the oldest, is going the third.  I am excited, because I was a good mom and packed their favorite lunch last night, had their clothes laid out waiting and got up at 6:00 to feed them breakfast!

Now, you may think that is nothing, but having girls who are girly girls is a feat in itself.  Not only did I have to straighten my own hair, but both of theirs as well.  Get them to brush their teeth and make sure the dogs had food & water.  I had to fight with the youngest last night about what she was gonna wear beause she is a jeans and tshirt girl and nothing was gonna do except that.  Fought with the oldest cause she is a budding fashionista and has her own taste. 

We arrive at school five minutes before it opens and wait in the car while they are screaming Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (thank God the windows were up.) I’m watching my clock with anticipation as each minute passes til I look up and the doors of the school are being unlocked. 

We step out together one on each side holding my hand and I tell them to pick their feet up cause we have to cross the grass and it’s wet.  I guess they heard run as fast as you can and drag mom with you instead.  Only pausing for traffic, they were in a full sprint to those doors, LOL!

We walked my first grader to her class and I took several pictures of her and then her and her sister together, remaining a little longer than I should before she asked me “Mommy, are you going to cry like you did last year?” I smiled and said “No.  Mommy’s used to it now.”  I kissed her and wished her a great first day and turned to leave just before she saw my well up.  Then me and the budding fashionista walked to third grade and we took pics of her and her and her friends and then we walked into her class where the teacher was playing Elvis!  That was fun and the kiddos were loving it.  I kissed her and took one more pic before she let me know I was embarrasing her.  I stopped and nodded that I understood.  I told her I loved her and to have a great day before exiting. 

Getting to my work on time after all that and all that was before I had my coffee!!

Now, let’s see how tomorrow goes, I think I better program the coffee pot tonight !!!