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Everyone loves puppies right?

 Well, my Shihtzu just delivered a liter last Friday.

 That was the grossest thing I think I ever saw and I saw my guts laid on the table during my c-section! 


I know, I know it’s a natual thing, blah,blah, blah… Well, watching the puppies come into this world is one thing,   watching her eat the afterbirth and chew the embilical cords,  a whole different story.  It was green and everywhere.  She is a very young mother and did not know what to do at first.  I showed her the first pup and then she took over soon after.  Lucy (my dog) had a total of 4.  One didn’t make it.  So, she now has 3 and they are offically 1 one week old.  I’ll post pics later.


Well, what I didn’t know is my dog had contracted a bad bad infection and could have died.  She had pyrometra (pus filled) uterus and had to have emergency surgery.  $700 later, she’s getting back to feeling like her old self slowly.  I was a  nervous wreck the entire week thinking I was going to lose her. I should mention I already lost one dog after he had surgery to be neutered.  Also, a Shihtzu, he had a cogenital defect to where his blood didn’t clot.  He was a 1 1 /2 years old.  Lucy’s Dr. informed me that her colon was fixed to her cervix, also a congenital defect. I wonder if there is just that many health problems with shihtzu’s or just my bad luck????





Well, I decided to post about Brit’s performance.  I could not beleive that she actually went on and did you see the fake tan sprayed on to make her look like her abs were defined, HA!

Brit, unless you get serious, you need to give it up. There are tons of excuses of why she  sucked so bad, but she is supposed to be a professional and she should know better than to let personal issues affect her performance.

She needs to call Justin and beg him to colaborate with her to put her back on top.  Yes, I’ve heard the leaked songs and she could have something with the club scene, but as far as performing, that is not a good idea!

Did she honestly think that she looked hot in that outfit?  Her ass is falling out on both sides and her beer belly hangs over her panties!!!! 

Come on Brit, get your shit together once and for all and for goodness sakes, wear some damn underwear and do something with your hair! 

The 80’s!


Yes, I am a child of the 80’s.  I remember when President Reagan was in office and ended The Cold War.  I was in love with Rick Springfield in the 5th grade and wished I was “Jessie’s Girl.”  I even remember his movie “Affair of The Heart.”

I remember when Michael Jackson was normal and peaked at “Thriller.”  I remember when Cabbage Patch Kids Came out and mothers were fighting for them at K-mart. I remember Jellies and remember the blisters that came with them.  I even remember UNITS! There were so many ways you could wear them and there was even a Unit store in the mall.

In seventh grade, every preteen girl thought she was Madonna with the fingerless gloves and millions of jelly bracelets!  I remember Mr. Bill on Saturday Night Live and how I used to watch it every Thrusday in Science class.  Our teacher was kinda weird, LOL!

I remember big hair bands and the guys looked more like girls than the girls did.  I remember being in love with Vince Neil from Motley Crue and Bret Michaels from Poison, who have both had reality shows now on VH1, LOL!

I remember going to the skating rink on Friday nights and hanging at the mall on Saturdays.  I remember staying out all day long with the neighborhood kids during the summer.  You only had to call and check in and your mom could yell and you would pop out from someone’s yard.   

The 80’s were so much more simple than now.  Maybe because I was a kid and now I pay bills and have to a grown up.  I am raising my kids right though, they are 6 and 8 and know all the words to “Jessie’s girl” and “Don’t Stop Believing“, which is now my housecleaning music, LOL!

If you haven’t already, go rent, no go BUY “13 Going On 30.” A great movie.  I felt like I was 13 again and even was doing The Thriller Dance along with them.

Ahhh Nostalgia! 

It’s Californication!!!!





Ok, so if you haven’t checked out Showtime’s new “Californication”,

you are seriously missing out!

David Duchovney stars in this dark dramedy as “Hank Moody” a New York novelist turned Hollywood writer who was transplanted to LA from New York and suffers from writer’s block. Hank’s novel “God Hates Us All,”, has been turned into a romantic comedy called “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.   He thinks is pure crap and he dogs the director everytime he gets the chance to anyone who will listen.

Hank is trying to get his career back on track with the help of his agent/friend. He lands a job as a blogger for “Hell-A”  A magazine owned by his ex’s finace.  He is pinning for his ex-girlfriend, Karen, who he has a 12 year old daughter with, “Becca.” Karen is engaged to a “tool” as hank calls him and it is driving him crazy.  Hank decides that to get over her, he should sleep with anyone and everyone. Sex, Booze and drugs seem like a good way to go for Hank.  Hank goes through life, half drunk, unshaven and pissed at the world.  But don’t misunderstand, Hank is under it all a good guy with a good heart and hey, isn’t that the guy from “The X-Files?”-LOL

Airs on Showtime, Mondays at 9:30 is for MA and that includes: Nudity, Violence, Drugs, Alcohol, Language, Sexual References, etc.

I loved the show, it’s dark, witty, comedic and fills the void

til Nip/Tuck returns 🙂

This Weeks Top 10 Downloads From iTunes

This Weeks Top 10 songs downloaded from


10. Bet On It- Troy             HSM

9. Me Love-Sean Kingston

8. Hey There Delilah- Plain White T’s

7. The Way I Are-Timbaland

6. Gotta Go My Own Way- Troy & Gabriella   HSM

5. Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston

4. You Are The Music In Me- Troy & Gabriella   HSM

3. Crank Dat-Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

2. Stronger- Kanye West

1. S.O.S.- The Jonas Bros    Disney



Disney has iTunes cornered too. 

Money , Money, Money!

Arm Wrestling Video Games Really Break The Opponents Arms


Arm Spirit, has recalled 150 arm wresting video game machines after three players broke their arms.

“We think that maybe some players get over-excited and twist their arms in an unnatural way,” a spokesman said.An investigation has been launched into the incidents and the machines are being checked for any malfunctions.

“The machine isn’t that strong, much less so than a muscular man. Even women should be able to beat it,” company spokesman Ayano Sakiyama told AP news agency.

Arm Spirit gamers advance through 10 levels, pitting their strength against a French maid, a drunken martial arts master and a Chihuahua dog before reaching the final challenge – a professional wrestler.

It is not available outside Japan.

**This machine is not that strong?  Hmm..wonder if their was a few pissed off engineers on that project then? That would show corporate after not giving them a raise.  LOL! 

Kenny Chesney A Football Player?


Kenny Lasts One Practice

Friday, August 17, 2007 – Kenny Chesney’s pro football career lasted one practice, and now it looks like the country superstar will have to return to his regular job.

Signed to the New Orleans Saints as a free agent, the 5-6 former high school football player hit Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati for a preseason game walkthrough with the Saints – running the drills and practicing plays.

“It was a great day,” said Chesney, who’d hosted several members of the team at his capacity show the night before at Riverbend Amphitheatre. “I worked my tail off…but when you get out there with those guys, they have so much heart, man…It’s no wonder they were able to really become a force for the city of New Orleans after Katrina – and for the country.”

Chesney, who was introduced as number seven at a morning press conference, went through all the drills – including catching several passes from All-Pro Quarterback Drew Brees before the mid-day break. “He was a lot faster than I thought he was gonna be,” Brees said.

Saints Coach Sean Payton asked Chesney to field a punt, issuing a challenge: Chesney catches the punt, no practice on Monday, but should the former Gibbs High Eagle fumble, it would be a double practice instead.

Chesney asked star back Reggie Bush for advice – “Yeah, don’t drop the ball.”

With everyone in position, the punt was off.

There’s no practice Monday.

Bush shouted, “Man I love country music!”

But it appears that this was a one-day effort for Chesney. A press release said, “they were having difficulty coming to financial terms, and it appeared that negotiations were breaking down, so Chesney would not make the roster.”

Chesney will be back in a football stadium Saturday night, but he won’t be playing football. He’ll be giving a concert at Detroit’s Ford Field. The Detroit Lions’ home marks the sixth and final NFL Stadium on Chesney’s tour, which also included the Boston area, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

*Me thinks there is an album set to come out soon. 

Kenny’s 11th album, “Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates,”  drops September 11th.

The Same day  as 50 and Kanye, LOL! 

Hmm…..good publicity stunt Kenny’s team!